Eduventure I

Eine neuartige Kombination aus AR und VR für das spielbasierte Lernen.


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Eduventure I: Veröffentlichungen


Ferdinand, P. (2005): The Middle-Rhine Eduventure Project – on the way to a new technology enhanced learning approach. A mobile adventure learning game for pupils by the example of the UNESCO cultural heritage Middle-Rhine valley in Germany. In: Proceedings of TESI 2005 Conference (Training, Education & Simulation International), 22.-24. March 2005, Maastricht, The Netherlands (pdf herunterladen)

Ferdinand, P., Müller, S., Ritschel, T., Wechselberger, U. (2005): The Eduventure – A New Approach of Digital Game Based Learning Combining Virtual and Mobile Augmented Reality Games Episodes. Pre-Conference Workshop Game based Learning of DeLFI 2005 and GMW 2005 Conference, Rostock, 13. September 2005, Germany (accepted for publication). (pdf herunterladen)

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