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Eduventure II: Technical Specification

Virtual environment

Used software: The virtual environment is based on a 3d model of the Fortress Ehrenbreitstein. The model is loaded into an existing game engine, which minimizes the production efforts and can be modified legally. In the project, the Gamebryo engine of the role playing game Oblivion is being used. Oblivion’s Construction Set (an application that allows to create game content) features the construction and modification of dialogs, actions, characters and already existing 3d models (i.e. vegetation and terrain).

In narrow cooperation with Burgen, Schlösser, Altertümer RLP , the high detail model of the fortress Ehrenbreitstein was created with the application 3ds max of Autodesk.

Modelling: Despite the huge dimension of the original structure (width of 300 meters, length of 750 meters), the virtual model of the fortress offers much detail and high optical quality. The scale of the virtual world and the high graphical detail require powerful pc hardware.

As the Eduventure game takes place on the fortress Ehrenbreitstein in it’s state during the year 1848, and, in the succeeding years, constructional adjustments have been applied to the structure, some changes had to be applied on the virtual model, which are not visible at the original fortress today. We aim at the integration of the near surroundings (city of Koblenz, the valley of the river Rhine and the mouth of the river Mosel) into the virtual environment.

To appropiately reflect the prussian forces of the fortress of the year 1848, virtual models of prussian soldiers and their armature have been created.

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